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My Top 10 New Logos for 2013 Picks

Posted by on Dec 30, 2013 in blog |

I’m seeing a whole bunch “Best Logos of 2013″ articles, and I don’t always agree with the choices, so I thought I’d make my own list.

Some of these I found doing a Google search for “New Logos 2013″, and some I found over at Logopedia (Which I only today found out even existed).

#10. Firefox
This year it’s more of an update than a “New” logo per se, but it’s a nice update. It’s more of a flat design, less detail in the fox and the globe, and less highlight in the globe as well.


#9. New Orleans Pelicans
This logo has been evolving over the years, but the update this year turned this into a very nice brand.


#8. Fusion TV
Not sure if the logo conveys what the company is about, but the style of this logo is interesting. Very stylized, warped and dynamic. I dig is.


#7. Mobify
I like the color scheme on this guy, and the folded looking parts look really nice. Very simple, very delicate. You can see a detailed study of the process of creating the logo here.


#6. RadioShack
RadioShack has changed its brand a few times over the years, but this version moves away from red and black and goes toward a brown and a faded red. I like the sans serif “R” much better than the Serifed one from before.


#5. Space Channel
I like the “Space” created by this logo. And I love the blue. The font is futuristic looking. This “dot” is going to attract the attention it needs.


#4. Instagram
Love the addition of the simple icon, and the new-ish font emotes retro and vintage and all that. The letters in this font are all connected…which is appropriate, being a social media.


#3. Proctor & Gamble
Proctor & Gamble’s logo has quite a history. It used to be a moon guy in the stars. The font is clean and sharp. I love the two layers of gradation. They seem to have kept the “moon” in there.


#2. MTV (Finland)
I love the movement of this brand. It looks like a stamp, and to me, that’s kind of like “approval”. That’s a good thing for a logo to convey. The clean look is tight and sharp. Very nice.


#1. American Airlines
This logo is so perfect. It’s got the eagle and the colors from earlier versions, but the tall tail graphic is amazing. I love the shadows and the movement broken up by the lines and sharp angles. Yes.


So, there you have it. My list for New Logos for 2013.

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