My Goal = Your Goal
The design work I will do for you, whether it is a logo, website, business card, flyer or brochure, is often your potential clients or customers first impression of your business. My goal is to clearly, concisely and dynamically express the reason you are in business – whether you offer a product or a service. What you do is important to you and that’s what will ultimately motivate people to trust you and support your vision.

Back when I was reluctantly starting my own graphic design business (it was a scary risk…quitting a steady paycheck), someone I trusted told me that kids in the background while on a conference call was a huge “no-no”. Well, to be honest, I never took his advice. Sure, I tried running out of the house if I got a call and the kids just happened to be laughing their heads off. The truth is, there wasn’t much I could do about it. But one thing is certain, my family is everything to me. I was willing to risk losing a client if it meant staying at home. Building a business is hard work, as many of you know, but we got by. I know what it’s like to own and love and carry a business. I know the sacrifices we all have to make to reach the goals we set.

Here’s where I can help.
I have helped businesses stay afloat, succeed and reach their goals. This is what I love…helping others do what they do best. So, what you get with me is a ton of experience, a penchant for brainstorming ideas, and sometimes a tendency to geek out and bore you with techy, behind the scenes stuff. Just throw a muffin at my head to snap me out of it. I like muffins. I love doing what I do, and as a Homeschooling dad, I over-share with my kids all the time. I point out design and art and fonts and clever marketing and things I would have done different. They don’t seem to be bugged by it (well, they don’t say so anyway). I’ve been graphic-ing (not really a word) since 1991 and running GoycoDesign since 2002, and have loved supporting clients and creating amazing work ever since.

I’d love to get to know you and your business and see what we can do together.